If you have any questions or want more information, be sure to check out our FAQ by clicking here: Rallequip Frequently Asked Questions For more information, you can call or text us @ 903-278-3343
(UPDATE 5/24/19)

June 30th will be the last day that you can place an order here on Rallequip.com I'll still be able to get tires and offer support beyond that date, but this website will shutdown and you will no longer be able to place any orders online. Due to having to take on another job, I will be less responsive to phone calls. Please use the "Contact Us" tab or text if you need assistance, as I will check emails and text messages more frequently than I'll be able to take calls. 

I've also updated the inventory of tires available at this time. If this website shows that it's "in stock", we have them available. Though shipment times may vary between 7-21 days, rather than the 7-14 days we usually offer. It's been a pleasure serving you all, the last 10 years. 
(UPDATE 3/04/19)

After almost 10 years of service in this industry, I have decided to shut down Rallequip.com It's been a good run and has lasted longer than I ever expected it to. Unfortunately there just isn't enough tires left available that the US Military uses, that is useable in our market. It just isn't a viable source of income anymore. So, for the next 90 or so days (Official End date un-confirmed) I've marked down every set of tires I sell, anywhere from $50-$100 per set of 4. 

I have some debts I need to settle before I move on to different ventures, so I'll be working hard to get these last few orders out before I shut the website down completely. If you have ordered recently, don't fret, your tires will still ship out as soon as I'm able to get them out. I will be calling customers back that have left voicemails in the last few weeks, but if you want the most prompt delivery, please order from the website directly rather than calling to place orders over the phone.  

This is a decision I've been contemplating for the last couple of years, but decided to pull the trigger this year, due to the worst year of sales in company history. I'm literally borrowing money to feed myself at this point. This was a great business back when we were all grass roots, small companies just trying to make an honest living. Now the millionaires have came in and ruined the industry for everyone. I'm one of the last few small companies that still exists and I'm exhausted. I've taken out multiple loans and ruined my credit to keep this company alive. From the crooked freight companies and the people they hire to commit fraud against smaller companies that can't afford to hire lawyers and fight them, to the crooked millionaires that have sold me tires that are sub-par for double what they offered them to me for. The fact that we lost 12.50R20's, 14.00R20's, and 16.00R20's along the way, were all just bonuses in this inability to stay profitable. 

Not going to lie, I had to drink 10 beers just to have the balls to write this purely honest post. I'm heartbroken really, and if I don't tell the story now, no one will ever hear it. This business paid my way into adulthood. I was 25, recently divorced, no car, no job, and $20 in my bank account when I started this business. I was a website designer, graphics designer, photographer, and an internet marketer (Before that was a term, or degree you could get in this field). I had a friend that I had done business with before, that was begging me to build a website and start selling for him. So, I built the best fucking website in the surplus industry. To this day, if you type "Military Tires" into Google, this website lands on the first page. I wasn't a tire salesman. I had a background in selling cars and used auto parts, but that was it. 

Every photo, graphic, design, business card and text. I made myself. On top of that, I handled every phone call, every email, every Facebook post, and every local pickup. I learned to drive a forklift, I learned to drive a truck, learned to backup trailers, learned to load them properly, learned LTL standards and codes, and dealt with every major freight company in the south. I went from skate shoes and torn jeans, to CarHarts, Steel Toe boots, and Cowboy hats. I picked every tire myself. I learned how to load them, handle them, and throw them. I can tell you how to stack 4 320lb tires without a forklift and I can stack 6 82lb tires by hand without an injury. I've done this for all of these years without any medical insurance and have never been to the doctor for an injury (I learned to walk them off). 

I'm a tech guy, but there's no tech guy that I've ever met that spent 10 hours in a single day throwing 200 tires in the rain and snow, to make $200, like I have. I've done that 100's of times now. I've done my best to keep this company running all of these years, but like all good things, everything good must come to an end. 

I'd like to say thank you, to every repeat customer I've had over the years, and thank you to anyone else that has supported me and my team (when I had one). 

If you're interested in purchasing the Helequip.com domain, use the "contact us" tab to discuss it with me. I can reroute this address to your military surplus website so that you can get top Google results. Also, if you're in the surplus business and would like to hire an internet marketing professional, I'm currently looking for a new job. 

All of that aside? As usual, get the tires while you can at these amazing prices.

- Cody Payte, Owner and Creator of Rallequip.com   


(UPDATE 2/19/19)

We have 1 set of 4 BFG 37x12.50x16.5 100% Tread listed for $900+Shipping! Get them while you can! 


UPDATE 12/11/18)

Got some newer 37x12.50x16.5 Goodyear Wrangler 
MT/R's off wheels in! 

(UPDATE 12/11/18)

Only 1 set of 100% Tread BFG 37x12.50x16.5 Remain! Get them while you can! 

(UPDATE 12/02/18)

END OF THE YEAR SALE! $20-$100 off 37x12.50x16.5 Tires! 

This includes (but not limited to) the last 3 sets of 100% BFG's, which are now $100 off! Get them while you can!  

(UPDATE 11/26/18)

We sold all of the remaining 100% Goodyear Wrangler MT/R's with the exception of 2 tires. If anyone is interested in this pair, please call, text, or email us: 903-278-3343

We DO still have 3 sets of the 100% Tread BFG Baja 37x12.50x16.5 though. Get them while you can! We may never see these again! 
(UPDATE 08/21/18)

Just added 3 ULTRA RARE sets of Goodyear Wrangler MT/R 37x12.50x16.5 Load Range D that are 100% BRAND NEW! 2017 Date codes! This is the first time we've EVER had a set of tires that was less than one year old, get them before they are gone! TireRack sells these in the exact same condition for $750 EACH! Only $1200 for a set of 4! 


We also still have 3 sets left of the 100% BFG Baja's in the same size!  


(UPDATE 08/21/18)

We just added 5 ULTRA RARE sets of BFG BAJA 37x12.50x16.5's @ 100% Tread, NEVER BEEN MOUNTED! It's extremely rare for us to gain access to tires that are brand new AND have never been mounted, as 99% of our 100% tread tires have always been dismounted spares, so get them while you can! 

Also, we are discontinuing our line of Goodyear Wrangler MT/R 37x12.50x16.5's Off-Wheels, as we have determined that they are an inadequate tire for used resale. While the MT/R is arguably the best 16.5" military tire, they are also the poorest quality military tire. Now that we are getting some in that are 7-10 years old, it's obvious that they simply don't last as long as the MT or BFG. The sidewalls have a tendency to crack and come apart if they are more than 6 years old and are notorious for slipping belts, making them impossible to balance. They also have a tendency to warp and "cup" when the tread life falls below 40% no matter the application. This makes these tires unsafe and difficult to find in good condition. We will still offer them on 24-Bolt wheels, as those come to us with air in them already, but we will no longer recommend them to anyone. We will simply offer them to those that want that tire specifically, and only on wheels with air in them. 

If you recently purchased a set of MT/R's from us, don't fret, as the last few sets we sent out were newer and thoroughly inspected for quality. We just don't have any left that are that quality, which is why we're just now posting this notice. Though if you bought these tires from us in the last 3 months, and want to try out the BFG's instead, give us a call and we'll offer you a set of the BFG 80-90% tread at a discount. 


(UPDATE 02/02/18)

Due to weather delays and inventory shortages, we are a little behind on callbacks at the moment. However, the weather has cleared up and we just received access to a LARGE shipment of 37X12.50X16.5 BFG Baja T/A, Goodyear Wrangler MT, and Goodyear Wrangler MT/R tires. 

So if you're looking for any of the 37's, grab them while they're hot and fresh off base! If you've called or emailed within the last week, I'll be returning calls over the weekend and into next week. If I miss someone and don't return their call by Tuesday, give me a call back. Everything on the site listed as "in-stock" is currently available. 

Due to the new shipment coming from a different supplier, price changes have been made. MT's and MT/Rs are the same price as before for a set of 4. BFGs went up $25 per tire. However, both in MT/R and BFG, you save more when you buy more than 4. When a 5th MT/R or BFG is added to your order, the price of of the 5th tire is reduced by $25. When you order 6, the cost of both tires is reduced by $75 total. This deal will also be available to in-person cash customers, as well. 

I dislike making price increases, period. I've worked hard to ensure that the prices on this website never fluctuate too drastically, especially on 37's. Which makes up 70% of our yearly profits. And I believe I've done a decent job of that in the last 8 years of this company's history. However, the U.S. Military is building less and less H1 Hummers every year. Especially since they proved to be ineffective against IEDs in the Iraq War. That makes them harder to get, especially at a decent price, even for a dealer such as myself. 

There will come a time when the H1 Hummer is phased out completely, and very likely replaced by a larger vehicle that utilizes 44" or larger tires. I think we still have a couple years left before this actually happens, but it's the main reason that suppliers are charging more for these tires than ever before. I just wanted everyone to understand that the price increase has nothing to do with greed or increasing our overall profits. When I get a good deal on a shipment of tires, I pass the savings down to the customer. But unfortunately, when the price goes up, I have to pass the price increase off to the customer as well. I just wanted to take this moment to be completely transparent about this change.  

(UPDATE 11/06/17)

Who's ready for BLACK FRIDAY!? 

We're going to have BFG Baja, Goodyear Wrangler MT/R, & Goodyear Wrangler MT 37X12.50X16.5's on sale for RECORD BREAKING prices all weekend long starting Friday! Suscribe to our Facebook for Updates!  

(UPDATE 11/06/17)

We still exist! For the last few months we've had some shifts in the way we do business and haven't been able to respond to all of the emails and calls that we get daily. I keep saying "we" out of habit, because I have always had more than 1 part time employee, but our supply of 37's off-wheels dried up, along with the profits required to support multiple employees. This is also why I've had a hard time keeping up with phone calls and emails the last few months, primarily focusing on customers that order without calling. 

All of this is about to change for the better though. We now have a new supplier for 37's off wheels, primarily MT/R's and BFG's of various tread ranges. I'm not sure how long this supply will last, but we're projecting the ability to have at least 4-6 sets of every type of 37x12.50x16.5 per month, for at least the next 4-6 months. As of this very moment, we have 3 sets of BFG and 4 sets of MT/R Off-wheels listed here on the site, ready to ship! 

Again, as I stated above, I'm a one man army for the time being. So please be patient with me while I turn this company around and get everything back on track. I will be going through emails and voicemails the next few days, so if you've contacted us in the last 2 weeks or so, I will contact you shortly. If you're a new customer reading this, email is the fastest way to get a response at this time, but you are more than welcome to call and leave a voicemail. I will post updates on the inventory status of the 37's as we get more of them here on the homepage, and on our Facebook page "Rallequip". 

I'd also like to thank all of the customers, over our 9 year history, that have supported us and made us one of the top military tire dealers on the internet. I believe we still have a couple years fight still left in us, and I look forward to continuing doing business for as long as it's finincially possible.-

Cody Payte, Owner @ www.rallequip.com    
(UPDATE 6/19/17)

Just re-stocked a couple sets of Goodyear Wrangler MT/R (OFF WHEELS). One set is 90%, the other is 100% NEW with 2015-2016 date codes! Both sets are "E" range. Grab them while you can! 

Also just stocked 4 brand NEW sets of BFG Baja 37x12.50x16.5 (OFF WHEELS) "D" Range 100% tread! All tires have nipples on them. Date codes range between 2008-2011. 

You can click on either "37" or "Limited/Special" to see these listings. Only a few sets available and we never know when we'll get these, so grab them while you can! 
(UPDATE 5/17/17)

Just added a set of 5 Goodyear Wrangler MT/R 37x12.50x16.5 OFF WHEELS 95-100% tread to the "Limited/Special" category.

Also slashed pricing on the 6 Michelin XL 12.50R20 + Unimog wheels from $1400 to $1000. Get them while you can!
(UPDATE 4/16/17)

Happy Easter Everyone! We're having a sale on a few of our Limited sets until the end of the month in celebration of the holiday!

We're taking 20% off of our two sets of Goodyear Wrangler MT/R's off wheels, and our set of 6 Michelin XL 12.50R20's.

Click here to see the deals: http://rallequip.com/Limited-Special_c11.htm

(UPDATE 4/11/17)

We removed the "mobile site" so that our full site shows up when you are using a mobile device. Our new website is actually more mobile friendly and informative than the built-in GoDadddy "Mobile site" we were using before. Now users can see the updates (here) and have easier access to our FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions). If you have a question about military tires or how our website works, please check out the FAQ, as there's a 90% chance your questions have already been answered there.

If you have questions that aren't covered in the FAQ, want to ask about bulk orders, or want to schedule a local pickup, please call or text us @ 903-278-3343

If you are from Arizona, California, New Mexico, or South Carolina and found us on Craigslist? We are located in North East Texas, but ship anywhere in the lower 48 states. We just started running national ads again, to attract more online buyers. Check out our FAQ if you have any questions. Shipping can be calaculated by selecting your state at the bottom of each tire/wheel listing.  

(UPDATE 3/26/17)

We finally managed to get caught up, despite hiring a new employee that quit on the second day because we wouldn't pay him to watch videos on his phone all day. (Good workers really are hard to find these days) All current orders have been shipped and/or picked up. If you're waiting for tracking info, please send us an email. If you called and left a voicemail in the last few days, we will be getting back to you this week.

We updated all of our prices and added a few products that we haven't had before. Also, we are taking measures to speed up shipping time by prioritizing website orders. From now on, Website orders (this website) will take priority over cash-in-person local pickups. If you want to arrange a local pickup, the fastest way is to order them on here and select "Arrange own freight" and then leave a number that we can contact you to arrange the pickup.

The old priority was: Local (Cash)/Local (Website)/Shipping (Website) (1st/2nd/3rd)
The new priority is  : Shipping (Website)/Local (Website)/Local (Cash) (1st/2nd/3rd)

If you want to pay cash in person, just call and leave a voicemail and we will contact you as soon as all website orders are cleared.
Please don't call 16 times in one day (This really happens sometimes), as we will most likely just block you from our call list. Having 16 missed calls and 6 voicemails from the same person in one day just makes it more difficult for us to get back to everyone, and on busy days, fills up our voicemail where no one else can leave one. We recieve 10-50 calls a day, 7 days a week. If we answered every call when they came in, we wouldn't have time to ship anything or setup any appointments.

Just call once and leave one voicemail. We do check all of them, and we will get back to you as soon as all orders ahead of you are cleared.
Also, here's a list of the Tires/Wheels that we just added today:

Goodyear Wrangler MT/R (No Wheels) 100% (Only one set available at this time)
Goodyear Wrangler MT/R (No Wheels) 90-95% (Only one set available at this time)
Michelin XL 12.50R20 + Unimog wheels 100% (Only one set of 6 available at this time)

New Stock:
Goodyear Wrangler MT 37x12.50x16.5 + 12-Bolt H1 Wheels (3 new tread depths)
Goodyear Wrangler RT II 36x12.50x16.5
Michelin XML 395/85R20 (46")
Michelin XZL 365/85R20 (44")
12-Bolt H1 Wheels
24-Bolt H1 Wheels (E)
24-Bolt H1 Wheels (D)

(UPDATE 2/24/17)

Due to income tax season, we are receiving an overwhelming number of incoming calls, emails, and text messages on top of multiple website orders at the same time. We are currently short handed and have decided to prioritize processing online orders over local pickups. If you're in a hurry for your tires, the fastest way of getting them is to order them through the website at this time.

If you want to wait and schedule an appointment for local pickup, please call and leave a voicemail stating what tires you are wanting, and what days you would be available to pick them up. Once our online orders are caught up, we will start taking local pickup requests in the order that we receive them.

If you have an order already placed and are needing tracking information, please email or text message us. 903-278-3343

Also, we have a few sets of MT/R's on 24-bolt wheels, now in stock. Get them while you can!  
(UPDATE 2/5/17)

Prices updated! More to come! Due to income tax season, we are currently receiving more calls than we can take at one time. Please leave a voicemail and we will get back to everyone in the order that the voicemails were received. Thanks!

Goodyear MT+12 Bolt Wheel:            Old Price: $150ea New Price: $125ea
Goodyear MT (No Wheels):                Old Price: $90ea  New Price: $80ea
BFG Baja+24 Bolt Wheel:                  Old Price: $200ea New price: $175ea
Goodyear MT/R+24 Bolt Wheel:         Old Price: $200ea New Price: $175ea
Goodyear MVT 395/85R20:                Old Price: $200ea New price: $150ea
Michelin XZL 16.00R20:                      OldPrice: $250ea  New price: $150ea
(UPDATE 1/31/17)

Major website overhaul! We're adding new tires, slashing prices on older tires, and have built what we believe to be the easiest and most informative military tire website in the industry! We've added the majority of the newer tires to the categories, but will be adding more in the future. Some sets don't have pricing information yet, but that will be updated within the next two weeks. We also ditched all of the old stock photos and spent a few days on the yard with a professional DSLR Camera. All of our tire photos are now original, and from our own supply yards. 

The biggest change, is the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions). Instead of having a wall of text on each listing, we've condensed the listings and directed all questions to the FAQ, all in one page. The FAQ is a compilation of real customer questions that we've compiled over the last 8 years of our company history. It answers the basic questions, but also goes into detail on the more complex questions, such as "Which 37x12.50x16.5 tire is the best?" or "How do I remove the rubber runflats?".

The FAQ was designed to reduce our time on the phone and in email, so that we can focus more on reducing shipping time and delivering the best quality tires available. If you have any questions that aren't covered in the FAQ, you're still welcome to give us a call or email us using the "Contact Us" tab.


Quick Note to new customers: All tire listings are for sets of 4 tires. The quantity will show as (1), but that is for (1) Set of 4 tires. Sets are listed without shipping, but shipping charges can be calculated before checkout.

We are located in North East Texas, about 15 minutes away from Texarkana, TX near the Texas/Arkansas State Line. Our freight zip code is: 75570 (New Boston, TX)

We opperate 7-days a week without any specific hours of opperation. Best time to call is between 10:00am-7:00pm Central Standard Time.

Give us a call : (903)-278-3343

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    Michelin XZL 395/85R20 Military Truck Tires (NO WHEELS) 80-95% BF Goodrich Baja 37X12.50R16.5 Tires (NO WHEELS) 80-95% Goodyear Wrangler MT/R 37X12.50R16.5 Tires (NO WHEELS) 80-95%
    Michelin XZL 395/85R20 Military Truck Tires (NO WHEELS) 80-95%BF Goodrich Baja 37X12.50R16.5 Tires (NO WHEELS) 80-95%Goodyear Wrangler MT/R 37X12.50R16.5 Tires (NO WHEELS) 80-95%

    Price listed is for 4 tires BEFORE shipping

    Price listed is for 4 tires BEFORE shipping

    Price listed is for 4 tires BEFORE shipping





    Goodyear MVT 395/85R20 Military Truck Tires (NO WHEELS) 80-95% Goodyear Wrangler MT 37X12.50R16.5 Tires + 12-Bolt Wheel 70-80% Goodyear Wrangler MTR 37X12.50R16.5 Tires + 24-Bolt Wheel 80-95%
    Goodyear MVT 395/85R20 Military Truck Tires (NO WHEELS) 80-95%Goodyear Wrangler MT 37X12.50R16.5 Tires + 12-Bolt Wheel 70-80%Goodyear Wrangler MTR 37X12.50R16.5 Tires + 24-Bolt Wheel 80-95%

    Price listed is for 4 tires BEFORE shipping

    Price listed is for 4 tires BEFORE shipping


    Price listed is for 4 tires BEFORE shipping





    Goodyear Wrangler MT 37X12.50R16.5 Tires (NO WHEELS) 70-80% Michelin Pilot C-20 XL 15.50 80R20 Tires (NO WHEELS) 80-95% Michelin XZL 16.00R20 Military Truck Tires (NO WHEELS) 80-95%
    Goodyear Wrangler MT 37X12.50R16.5 Tires (NO WHEELS) 70-80%Michelin Pilot C-20 XL 15.50 80R20 Tires (NO WHEELS) 80-95%Michelin XZL 16.00R20 Military Truck Tires (NO WHEELS) 80-95%

    Price listed is for 4 tires BEFORE shipping

    Price listed is for 4 tires BEFORE shipping

    Price listed is for 4 tires BEFORE shipping